We can be your long-term AI innovation partner

1. Exploration

The first phase is all about understanding your organisation and its challenges. From the identified possible projects to start with, the one with the highest priority and lowest complexity is chosen, a.k.a. the low-hanging fruit. Finally, a proposal for a PoC is prepared.

2. Proof of Concept (PoC)

The solution feasibility is investigated in a PoC. The AI core of the solution is built and tested such that the next phase can commence with trust in the achievability of the goals.

3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The PoC is extended to a production-ready product, or MVP. The aim is to keep the MVP as small as possible to reduce complexity, risk and time to market: the agile way of working.

4. Implementation (optional)

If required, we can develop the MVP to suit your IT-infrastructure in any form, such as in the cloud (e.g. via APIs) or on premise (e.g. via Docker). However, you can also decide to implement the solution yourself and facilitate further product development in-house.

5. What's next?

We help you stay one step ahead. After an MVP is successfully implemented we explore the possible next steps and business cases, gradually climbing the stairs and transforming your organisation to fully harness the power of AI.

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