We see AI as a practical tool to solve everyday challenges, creating value for a better world. Our passion for AI drives us and we like to spread this enthusiasm by sharing knowledge and training people. We cherish the relations with our clients, building trust by setting realistic expectations and explaining choices.

It all started in the spring of 2018, when Luc, Tom and JD were living together in Delft. After working briefly at another startup, JD and JM got the entrepreneurial spirit and we sat together with the four of us. All determined to postpone working at a big corporate and with nothing to lose, we took a leap of faith and here we are!

Luc van den Ende - CEO & Co-founder

“Throughout my technical education I have had a broader scope resulting in great extracurricular activities in management and commerce...
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Joost Dorscheidt (JD) - Senior Machine Learning Engineer & Co-founder

“I’m an engineer by heart. I love to create and build things...
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Joost Meulenbeld (JM) - Senior Machine Learning Engineer & Co-founder

“During my education and career, I found out I like to be challenged with technical problems...
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Tom van Loef - Business Engineer & Co-founder

“Throughout my young life I have had two major passions, the arts and the natural sciences...
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Jim Lee Tjin - Machine Learning Engineer

“Technology and science have always been a great interest of mine...
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Maximo Cravero - Machine Learning Engineering Intern

“Throughout the course of my studies I have always enjoyed tackling problems...
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Ivor Zagorac - Machine Learning Engineering Intern

“As a high school student, I was always interested in mathematics and logic...
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